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How does LUVV Air work?

Our LUVV Air® proprietary formulas contain a blend of liquefied vitamins, amino acids and natural extracts. These  formulas are delivered for quick absorption to mucous membranes in the mouth, nose and throat, using a water-soluble organic carrier base.

Safe and Effective Technology

Within each LUVV Air device is a lithium battery that is activated with a light suction. This triggers a non-toxic heating element that transforms our vitamin formulations into refreshing, flavor-filled vapor. LUVV Air® should last for 400-500 inhalations, depending on how long you inhale. You can inhale our oil-free vapor safely.

LUVV Air Diagram

3rd-Party Lab Tested for Safety

All LUVV Air® ingredients have been tested to ensure safety and efficacy. This process safeguards against the creation of potentially harmful by-products during the heating process. We mix our proprietary formulas in an ISO certificated laboratory that conforms to the requirements of current Good Manufacturing Practice, based on 21 CFR Part 110 (2017).

Made with Natural Ingredients

Our proprietary formulas contain vitamins and natural compounds like amino acids and plant extracts.

Zero Addictive Chemicals

LUVV Air does not contain nicotine, tobacco, Vitamin E acetate, THC, or synthetic cannabinoids.

Water Soluble

Our oil-free carrier base has been tested and can be inhaled safely.