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Pink Washable Face Mask

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Collections: Health and Wellness

Type: Masks

We are giving away 5,000 face masks to local hospitals, community organizations and small businesses. Help us achieve our goal by nominating a local entity that could use some free masks by clicking here: >>SPREAD THE LUVV<<


With millions of disposable face covers ending up in our oceans and landfills we need to be smart about the face masks we use. These blue washable face masks are convenient and easy to breathe through. Simply strap your mask over your mouth and nose and voila! Perfect for quick neighborhood walks, bike rides, or trips to the store. This product can help prevent face touching, and the spread of your germs to others. Skin-friendly, soft fabric that is comfortable and breathable.

Skin-friendly, soft fabric that is comfortable and breathable. 

  • High-density, washable, flexible material
  • Effectively prevent dust, droplets, pollen and other substances from entering the respiratory tract
  • Universal size, suitable for men and women
  • 300 grams of space cotton
  • Stretchable elastic for comfortable fit around the ears

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