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WAKE & ZEN LUVVPod Starter Pack

Collections: LUVV Air Pods

Type: LUVVPacks

Save 15% off the cost of purchasing each item individually with this convenient energizing AND relaxing LUVVPod starter pack! 


  1. One Rechargeable Battery and Charger Kit
  2. 4 WAKE Caffeine LUVVPods 
  3. 4 ZEN Lavender LUVVPods

Each 1ml LUVVPod should produce approx. 200 uses. (Enjoy approximately 800 uses per 4-pack)



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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Justin Solano
Pretty fire ngl

Helped me stop smoking nic for a while wake up needs a lil more caffeine tho overall pretty good

Mylie White
Fantastic, worked even after it got hit by a car

FANTASTIC! I love the product, both help with staying calm and keeping you awake. Plus the device got hit by a car and still works, just gotta shove the pod in there. P.s. costumer service is fantastic

Great vape

Great product so far! Small lightweight battery fits perfect in my hand and is east to carry with me. Wake taste is my fave, love the citrus, and gives my the energy kick I need. The Zen has a good flavor as well and had a nice calming effect! Neither are overpowering but just right! I’m very please with the products! Definitely will be trying the other pods!

Tayler Miller
Amazing product

I absolutely love this starter pack, I just got off work and took a few hits of my WAKE pod and felt loads better and much more awake. Definitely will be buying more pods!!

Lissette Manriquez

The WAKE & ZEN LUVVPod Starter Pack