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Reseñas y comentarios de LUVV

Based on 1499 reviews
ZEN - Lavender Flavored Chamomile
Sasha K. (Scottsdale, US)

Luuv Zen, it's calming and tastes divine!

CALM Melatonin Pods
Bonnie M. (Denver, US)
Amazing customer service!

I already love these products! They have changed my life. My most recent order arrive with a bit of damage and customer service took care of me immediately. I will forever be a customer!

CALM Melatonin Pods
ashley b. (Mayfield, US)

CALM Melatonin Pods

VITA Vitamin Pods
Alonso G. (Tempe, US)
Great product and service

Had an issue with the order delivered and quickly resolved. Have ordered more since and will continue

WAKE - Citrus Flavored Caffeine & B12
S.T. (Keystone Heights, US)

I've had my inhaler calm for over a year. The light just flashed. I can't believe how awesome this product has been. I just want to thank you for making something so wonderful, so safe, and long lasting. Ordering another as I write this. From a happy customer.


Mild but ample

Great if you’re serious about quitting smoking nicotine.

GLOW - Peppermint Flavored Collagen
Nicole E. (Woodridge, US)

GLOW - Peppermint Flavored Collagen

ZEN - Lavender Flavored Chamomile
Dahlia N. (San Diego, US)
Love it!

Love it! Like to use it at night and it helps me relax and especially with the aroma.

Relax Combo 3-Pack
Alonso G. (Tempe, US)
Great Alternative to Smoking

Great flavors and customer service’s . Thanks Lailani

CALM Melatonin Pods
Sylvia R. (Fremont, US)
Sleepy Helper

I have come to the conclusion that this helps me gwt sleepy for I have trouble with sleep . I also suffer from panic attacks. This also helps .

love it

i love it, it lasted me a while. i dont use it a lot, only when i need to. i love the flavor, its not very harsh but it's the perfect amount of lavender. i suggest to buy if you're trying to quit vaping. :)

ZEN - Lavender Flavored Chamomile
Sadie W. (Medford, US)
not the best

tried, the flavor isn’t the best and honestly gives me a headache, the others are better!

GLOW - Peppermint Flavored Collagen
Sadie W. (Medford, US)
very good!

no issues and enjoy it, but did end up losing it hahah

Zen for sure

My favorite of all the flavors and effects! The lavender flavor is pleasant and not overbearing. The mellowness is prominent in flavor and effect. Perfectly named as they make everything your doing just seem better! Absolutely love them! Thanks for an excellent product, luvv labs!

RISE B12 Pods
Lesa C.
Rise B12 pods

These are awesome anytime, but especially right away in the morning! Seems to get my mind going in a positive manner from the start! Nice cool berry flavor too!

Vita pods

I really like the Vita vitamin pods. They have a nice citrus minty flavor. Luvv inhalers helped me quit cigarettes almost 2 years ago. They're an excellent alternative! I just recently got an order of pods and love them. I had been using juul 3% pods, and way too frequently! The pods fit my juul devices but taste SO much better! Thanks for helping me kick another habit! Awesome products!

CALM - Peppermint Flavored Melatonin
Janet B.D. (Lafayette, US)
Saving grace

Breaking the nicotine habit and gaining a healthy alternative is definitely a saving grace for my husband.

GLOW - Peppermint Flavored Collagen
Stephanie E. (Nashua, US)
Great product

I really like the taste of this.

ZEN - Lavender Flavored Chamomile
Brittney l. (Lawrenceburg, US)
I quit vaping nicotine

I like them enough to quit vaping the bad stuff. I feel better hitting these.

Works well

Been using it for a couple of weeks now and helps put me to bed.

ZEN - Lavender Flavored Chamomile
Genesis C. (Charlotte, US)
Good substitute for vaping

It keeps me from hitting nic so I love it. It also makes you feel like your hitting nic.

VITA Vitamin Pods
Caitlin (Omaha, US)

I love them, but I do wish they had more flavors

Highly recommend

I read a ton of reviews, did my research, and weighed out the pros and cons. I am so happy with my purchase. I love it. CALM is the right amount of peppermint. As a person who is diagnosed with severe OCD, anxiety, and depression, I was really feeling like this was going to be a reach…however it is wonderful. It truly does soothe my nerves. I use it at work and occasionally before bedtime. I recommended it to a friend for his wife. He purchased one and I hope she loves it.

To rewind- I’m not an avid smoker of any sort. I was merely looking for a product that would fulfill my love for the taste of fruitful smoke (years ago I smoked hookah and used no-nic vapes). I simply enjoy this inhealer and recommend it to everyone to try.

RISE - Berry / Mint Flavored B12
douglas n. (Kalamazoo, US)

RISE - Berry / Mint Flavored B12