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Raspberry Ketone Drops

Thermogenic Fat Burner with African Mango & Garcinia - Promotes Natural Weight Loss, Ketosis Diet Appetite Control, Metabolism Booster

FAST ABSORBING DROPS – Our raspberry ketone sublingual drops supplement absorbs more quickly for faster, more efficient health support. Superior to powders, capsules or pills.

MAX POTENCY RASPBERRY KETONES - LUVV Labs’ Raspberry Ketone Drops are a maximum strength formula that promotes natural weight loss by revving up your metabolism. Liquid drops make raspberry ketones easy for you to swallow and your body to absorb.

A POWERHOUSE THERMOGENIC FAT BURNER - Made with a powerful antioxidant blend of African mango and garcinia to support natural weight loss. Get your body into ketosis quickly and start burning fat rather than relying on a high-carb diet for energy.

KETOSIS DIET APPETITE CONTROL & METABOLISM BOOSTER - LUVV Labs Raspberry Keto Drops includes an expertly crafted blend of Raspberry Ketones, L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, EGCG and other ingredients that suppress appetite and boost metabolism.


Type: Drops

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Nadi Milano

Exactly what I need after gaining all this weight during quarantine!

We're so happy to hear our Raspberry Ketone Drops are exactly what you need and LUVV that they're helping you achieve your goals. Thanks for the 5-star review, Nadi!

Josh Muir

Raspberry Ketone Drops

Angela Dougla

I have been trying the Keto diet, as these past 30 days have been a carb party. I felt awful eating all the sugar and carbs and wanted to try the Keto diet. I tried the diet for a week without the drop and these drops have really helped me to regulate my food cravings. These drops came in a glass bottle and arrived within two days and they are made from quality ingredients. These drops really help to control my food cravings.

Energy boost and fair taste!

Usually ketosis drops aren't very tasteful, but this are so easy to take. Also all the ingredients are good for energy boost! Keto drops needs to be combined with your daily exercise routine so this boosts your metabolism and works great. Nothing gets done by magic!

Christine Bailey
Love these!

They help curb my appetite and work well with my keto diet. They taste great and mix well with a number of different drinks.