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FREE USA Delivery - Every order received plants a tree 🌳

Environmental Responsibility

Changing the world for the better, one tree at a time.

Your purchase helps to make a greener world

LUVV Labs has officially partnered with Evertreen to create new forests. Every order placed will contribute towards trees being planted all over the world. For 2024 we have a set a goal of planting 35,000 new tree seedlings. We will keep you updated and informed of our progress as we reach these goals.

Let's green the planet together

We love and respect our planet and want to do everything we can to ensure it is here for future generations.

We make every effort to reduce our environmental impact, including:

  • We use recycled and/or eco-friendly packaging for all our shipments.
  • Our product packaging uses 63% less cardboard than our closest competitors and zero styrofoam.
    Our devices are recyclable. (CLICK HERE TO RECYCLE USED DEVICES)
  • We use EcoCart for delivery which carbon offsets each shipment by funding renewable energy, forestry, or clean water projects. These projects reduce emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases in order to compensate for emissions made elsewhere. EcoCart calculates the emissions created from your online orders and donates the exact dollar amount required to reduce those emissions directly to these projects on your behalf.
  • We are preparing to launch a unique recycling mail-in program in 2024.

The Evertreen + LUVV Labs Partnership

  • Supporting global reforestation efforts
  • Empowering consumers with sustainable actions
  • Raising awareness about the importance of ecosystem restoration

Planting trees is one of the best ways to combat the damaging effects of climate change. Trees help clean the air you breathe, filter the water you drink, and provide habitat to over 80 percent of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity.

Trees also provide tremendous social impacts by providing jobs to over 1.6 billion people, empowering women in underdeveloped nations, and supporting communities devastated by environmental damage. Evertreen is the only platform worldwide enabling users to plant real trees online guaranteeing their survival.

Evertreen is the only platform worldwide enabling users to plant real trees online guaranteeing their survival. Evertreen covers the natural mortality rate occurring during transplant, by planting at own costs an additional 20-50% of the trees financed by users. All trees are planted directly by local farmers and bring environmental, social and economic benefits. Each Evertreen tree is certified, geo-located and can be physically visited or even virtually donated to a third party.