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About LUVV

About LUVV


We are a California based company founded by health and fitness enthusiasts who are passionate about helping people live life to the full! LUVV Labs® is the result of over 3 years of product development and testing and we are very proud of the result. There are a number of cheaply made, low quality options out there, but when you purchase a LUVV Labs product, you can be confident that you are getting a quality product that is back by a 100% 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

We are currently in pre-launch and will be sharing more helpful information and details about how we will help you live a healthy life in the coming weeks!

Our Essential Oils

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils and extracts from a diverse range of plants have been used for medicinal purposes for many years. The active ingredients found in our oils are derived from distilling and extracting the oil from different parts of plants; this can include resin, the plant’s leaves, the flowers, the roots, and bark.

Achieving the right balance of oil(s) for any given problem or ailment is critical. For that reason, we blend all our essential oils in here in the USA. Our reputation is founded on the quality of our oils, aromatherapy products and the depth of our knowledge surrounding aromatherapy and essential oils. We are also proud of what they say about us and our products.

LUVV offers only the finest quality essential oils. All the LUVV essential oil products have one thing in common; they are Aromatherapeutic grade. Some of the oil products that we offer are also suitable for direct application, others to be used via a diffuser. 

We know “AROMATHERAPY” and we also have accredited teachers of aromatherapy and their state of the art knowledge of aromatherapy products and their uses, assures you of finding only the very best in quality aromatherapy essential oils.

There are two types of essential oils. Some of the essential oils used in the blending of our aromatherapy oils are pure; think extra virgin olive oil. Others are used in the production of perfumes and food flavorings. It is vital that if you are using essential oils for health purposes that you buy unadulterated products.