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WAKE Caffeine Pods

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Get a charge of energy with these caffeine-infused B12 pods.

Pack of 4 Disposable Pods - 1ml each  / Each Pod should produce approx. 200 inhalations.    

Vitamin Ingredients Essential Oil Extracts
> Caffeine   (96 mcg)
> Vitamin B12   (12 mcg)
> L-Theanine   (157 mcg)
> L-Carvone (157 mcg)
> Lemon
> Cassia
> Mandarin Orange


No Nicotine - No Diacetyl - Lab Tested


We’ve blended energizing B12 and caffeine with the Amino Acid, L-Theanine. Known for its ability to increase alertness and concentration while promoting relaxation, L-Theanine can provide a state of calm, attentive, wakefulness. This relaxed state of mental clarity can help reduce stress and anxiety while increasing focus.

This citrus flavored energy boosting inhaler is designed to promote alertness and improve focus without the jitters.


1. Remove disposable LUVV Air Pod from the sealed container.

2. Attach the pod to your rechargeable LUVV battery and take a draw from end of the pod with the two holes.

4. When the device no longer produces any vapor, replace with a new one. 

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Yes! We are launching our new caffeine/B12 and Melatonin/Camomile pods 8/1/20. We are sure you will LUVV them! :)