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LUVV Labs Partners with ReleaseCo to Launch LUVV Air in the Nordics

LUVV Labs Partners with ReleaseCo to Launch LUVV Air in the Nordics

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN 16th March 2023 - LUVV Labs, an innovative health and wellness company, is excited to announce the launch of its line of vitamin inhalers in the Nordics, in collaboration with Release Co. Release Co has its flagship clinic in Stockholm as well as locations in Oslo, Copenhagen and Gothenburg. 

"We're thrilled to be partnering with ReleaseCo to make LUVV Air available throughout the Nordics," said Alexander Ulvsgard, managing partner at LUVV Labs. These innovative inhalers are available in a variety of flavors, and are each designed to support different aspects of health and wellness.

ReleaseCo will be carrying 5 different LUVV Air options: RISE which contains vitamin B12, GLOW which contains collagen, the caffeine-infused WAKE, the lavender flavored ZEN with chamomile, and VITA which contains a citrus flavored vitamin blend. 

All the LUVV Air formulas are smooth and have a pleasant aftertaste, making them a convenient nic-free alternative. Additional to being available at ReleaseCo locations throughout Scandinavia, the LUVV Air product line can also be purchased locally through the Swedish website at and in select health and wellness stores.

ReleaseCo Stockholm

About ReleaseCo
ReleaseCo is the result of increased interest in health and well-being in society. Many people experience difficulties maintaining their health in an increasingly sedentary environment, combined with unhealthy diets, so ReleaseCo has a variety of therapy options to suit busy lifestyles, including being the first IV clinic in Scandinavia. Intravenous therapy has become a well-established form of treatment and is a popular choice for bringing the body into balance. The ReleaseCo vision is to use medical expertise to help patients reach optimal levels of health and vitality through IV therapy services. With a knowledge of the human body, medical and holistic, they strive to provide the perfect platform to help you become the best you can be, through a team of registered nurses and doctors with solid experience in various healthcare fields.

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