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Is Sea Moss Good for You?

Is Sea Moss Good for You?

From the Atlantic coasts of Ireland to your cupboard

Sea moss, known as Irish moss, has recently gained more awareness as a supplement, causing many people to wonder about the legitimacy and safety of this aquatic plant as a health product. However it’s clear from a growing body of research that sea moss has a large repertoire of positive attributes, tackling multiple health issues in one daily dose.

The rise in popularity, especially coming out of a pandemic, is largely due to its immune-boosting properties, among many other health benefits that are generating buzz online. Even Kim Kardashian has posted about it! Packed with vitamins and nutrients, sea moss is a micro-alga (singular form of algae) that harnesses the power and healing qualities of the ocean to help you function optimally and look your best, along with boosting your immunity, energy and metabolism. Used in medicine for thousands of years, sea moss could be a transformative addition to your daily vitamins with LUVV’s new certified Organic Sea Moss capsules. Here we’ll talk about some of its countless benefits to show you how!

A salty superfood

Sea moss contains tons of essential vitamins, like vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E, as well as most of the minerals the body needs and is made up of. The building blocks of health, our cells, are fueled by these components. Some of the minerals that can be found in this powerful nutrient source include zinc, magnesium, and calcium.

Anti-sickness, pro-health

The basis of everything sea moss can do to help the body boils down to its main properties - being anti-inflammatory (thus anti-aging), antibacterial, and antiviral. This means sea moss assists the body in fighting against all types of immune threats. For example, studies have shown it can stop growth of the bacteria that causes salmonella.

The unique and wide variety of vitamins, minerals and compounds found in sea moss can help both prevent, relieve, and recover from the classic cold and flu-like symptoms, lowering risk of infection and fueling the immune response.

Its anti-inflammatory nature, stemming from potassium chloride content, is the primary way it helps the immune system function properly, and eases pain from things like joint swelling. The antimicrobial properties of Irish sea moss assist congestion in the respiratory and lymphatic systems, it’s iodine content supports thyroid health, and the way sea moss functions as a prebiotic, and its fiber content supports gut health - which is an essential part of the immune system. 

Nutrient fueled, enhanced performance

The mineral contents of sea moss are key to functioning at prime levels. We all need a boost of energy at some point throughout a busy day, thankfully sea moss is full of iron, which is commonly known to increase energy and ease fatigue. Iron consumption is very important to the body, so supplementation is often necessary when there’s not enough present in one’s diet - especially for those who don’t eat meat.

Even better, sea moss contains 9 times more iron than chicken, for reference. Iron also helps with endurance by improving circulation, allowing oxygen to flow freely through your bloodstream. Along this thread, sea moss also fuels libido with its Zinc content facilitating hormone production. Additionally, sea moss can improve general mood due to its high potassium content, a mineral known to play a large part in mental health. Bottom line - sea moss could play a part in making your day to day more lively and joyful.

A dietary and aesthetic assistant

Sea moss promotes natural weight loss in a few different ways. First, the previously mentioned iodine content is also important to the body's metabolism. When digested, Irish moss creates a gel causing stomach acid that helps your body feel full longer and burn more calories. The fiber also helps you feel more full and improves gut health. Further improving body composition, sea moss helps build muscle because it is rich in protein.

Like collagen, sea moss is also beneficial for your hair and skin. Vitamin E is known for improving hair growth and strength, and reduces oxidative stress that causes hair loss. As for your skin, reducing inflammation and oxidative stress is key to helping eliminate a host of skin conditions like eczema, and combatting the effects of aging. 

To conclude

Many are starting to incorporate sea moss into their diets as an easy way to knockout the consumption of tons of essential nutrients in one easy serving. LUVV Organic Sea Moss capsules combine the healing, energizing, and rejuvenating powers of Irish moss with another type of algae, bladderwrack, and burdock root, each with their own purifying properties. The compounding of these agents amplifies each for maximum immune support and overall wellbeing. 

Note: Who shouldn't take sea moss? Studies are ongoing on specific populations, so use if pregnant or breastfeeding is not recommended for lack of certitude. As sea moss can have blood thinning effects it is not recommended for those on blood thinning medication.

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