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Maintaining Productivity, Motivation, and Focus When Working From Home

Maintaining Productivity, Motivation, and Focus When Working From Home

Many people during the pandemic have been dealing with the difficult transition of having to work from home this past year. With more lockdowns on the way, it’s normal to have a hard time focusing, feeling stressed and unmotivated during these uncertain times. Lack of social interaction, distracting environment, a repetitive routine, and burnout are all obstacles of WFH. Thankfully there’s a few simple solutions to help out with these issues. 

Sleeping Well and Waking Well 

The key to a productive work day is a good sleep the night before. It’s helpful to have no electronics set a specific schedule for when you will go to bed and when you will wake up in the morning, to get your body in a cyclical routine resulting in deeper, more restful sleep. Sometimes it can be hard to fall asleep for a variety of reasons, especially after a stressful work day.

Just as important as getting to bed is getting the day off to a good start. Just like before bed, it is best to not go on your phone or other devices first thing in the morning, as tempting as it may be. Many successful people typically get up early and start the day with some meditation or yoga. This is the perfect time to reflect on goals for the day, what you are working towards and who you are doing it for, practicing mindfulness. After this, it could be helpful to make a to-do list ranked by priority, getting the most important tasks out of the way first, rather than procrastinating. Next, most people start the day off with coffee, but too much caffeine has the potential to be counterproductive if it causes overstimulation which can contribute to anxiety, so it's always important to keep caffeine intake in check

Breaking out of the Routine 

We mentioned meditation and yoga as a good way to begin the day, but this can also be great for breaking up the day as a way to refresh, clear the mind and start again with a new perspective. 

Other good ways to stay motivated and active all day could be getting some quick exercise, making a healthy snack, or calling a friend or family member, taking advantage of the home environment while taking care of yourself. Another idea is to use a reward as a motivator after accomplishing each task on the to-do list, however small. You can also try switching up your workspace as much as you’re able every once in a while to not get bogged down; working outside for fresh air could be a refreshing and calming change.

Channeling Focus

It’s helpful to focus on one task at a time and follow through, as well as eliminating outside distractions and maintaining an organized and conducive workspace. This means sticking diligently to the task list, avoiding personal cell notifications and setting boundaries with family members, and having a familiar setup that makes you feel at peace. Even after doing everything mentioned in this article, a clear mind may still escape you. Two supplements associated with keeping the mind sharp include Vitamin B-12, that can help with energy production, and L-Theanine, which is used to achieve a state of wakeful relaxation, so you focus on the task at hand.

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