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Trying to Get a Better Sleep? Try Melatonin

Trying to Get a Better Sleep? Try Melatonin

According to The National Institute of Health, approximately 30% of the world’s population has a hard time falling asleep. Our bodies (the pineal gland in the brain, to be exact) naturally produce melatonin, a hormone in charge of maintaining a healthy sleep-wake cycle. What desynchronizes our bedtime routine and sleep habits? Work, stress, and jet lag are the top three factors that can disrupt this cycle, making it difficult to fall asleep at night and get up in the morning.

Melatonin supplements are widely available and thus, the most popular option when it comes to regulating the sleep cycle and helping you make a positive lifestyle transformation.

What Is Melatonin and How Does It Affect Sleep?

We explained melatonin is a hormone produced by the body, but melatonin can be produced synthetically as well. It regulates the circadian rhythm, closely related to our sleep patterns. The disruption of this rhythm can lead to harmful psychological and behavioral changes such as impulsivity, weight gain, and slower thinking.

Our natural melatonin levels are fairly low during the day. As the night falls, melatonin levels rise gradually, giving the body and psyche signals to slow down and take rest. This is one of the reasons why some people call it the “vampire hormone,” for it is produced in the dark whilst the light inhibits it.  

It’s important to note that melatonin won’t increase your need for sleep. It actually works in cohesion with your biological clock and tells your brain when it is about time to slow down. Exposing yourself to light before going to bed can cause confusion. Light baffles your biological clock and can stir you in the wrong direction and make melatonin non-effective. Using melatonin properly will help your body do its job and stay well regulated through rest.


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