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5 Reasons Why You May Not be Losing Weight on Keto

5 Reasons Why You May Not be Losing Weight on Keto

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Wouldn’t it be great to eat as much as you want and still use weight? Does counting calories annoy you? What about your metabolism? Do you want to speed it up? The ketogenic diet can tick all of these boxes and make those pounds drop! 

However, slimming down is not easy, not even with keto. If you are still not meeting your goals and not losing weight on keto, you should try to restructure your diet, big time. Here’s how. 

1.     You Are Going Lose on Carbs

Do you have a clear idea of how many carbs you are consuming per day? Although counting calories is not necessarily the part of the ketogenic diet, counting carbs is! Without understanding the number of carbs you eat, you are stuck!

Potatoes, starchy vegetables, rice, bread, not to mention candies, cakes, cookies, even some fruits – they all are rich in carbohydrates. What is more, you can’t really tell which foodies exactly hide a bunch of carbs besides those we listed.   

If you are not losing weight on keto, it would be best to play it safe. Stick to leafy greens (kale, spinach, wheatgrass) and berries and you will keep the carb intake under control. This is one of the best ways to enter ketosis as well.

2.     Your Body Is Still Not In Ketosis 

How do you know when you are in at all? There’s no other way but to check your ketone levels. You can test your breath, blood, or urine to get accurate info on your ketogenic state. 

Urine testing is affordable but not quite accurate. Breath testing is simple, relatively affordable, and relatively accurate as well. Blood testing can give you the most accurate image of your BHBs. If you are not in ketosis yet – that’s the reason why you are lacking results.

The most reliable ways to enter ketosis is to supply your body with Beta-Hydroxybutrate. LUVV Labs have formulated a whole line of ketogenic boosters, one of which is BHB.

3.     You Can’t Resist Diary 

Flavored yogurt is tempting, right? The same applies to toppings. If you are a fan of dairy, avoid 2% milk at all costs. Diary can cause you headaches and hinder your way to ketosis as it contains an unsafe amount of carbs. You can consume yogurt parfait once in a while but that’s basically it when it comes to keto and dairy. 

4.     You Are Not Eating Enough 

Cutting down your calorie intake in half in just a couple of days can have a negative effect on your body and your psyche. This massive change make you suffer and put you it in starvation mode. Instead of speeding up your metabolism, the insufficient calorie consummation will make your energy levels drop. 

Provide your body with low-carb, moderate protein, and high-fat foods. Eating less than you need always results in failure. Eat more whole foods, leafy greens, and proteins.  

5.     You Are Addicted to Restaurant Meal 

Ordering food is convenient and time-saving. However, those restaurant meals hide loads of carbs, proteins, and fats. When you are consuming foods without knowing their nutritional value, you are at risk of stepping over the limit. Day after day, you will see no results all until you know every single ingredient you are eating.


These are the top 5 reasons why you are not losing weight on keto. However, it is still important to understand your body may react differently to this transition. The ketogenic diet requires some trial and error in the beginning, except if you know how to skip this phase. Our keto products can help you get into ketosis almost effortlessly. Check our supplements and set yourself up for keto and losing weight.